Gary A. Lewis, CFP®, ChFC®, CASL®.   State regulations require that prior to engaging a client in investment advisory services, certain information regarding my practice must be disclosed to you.  This is known as the Brochure Rule. 

Type of Business.  Gary A. Lewis, CFP® acts as a financial planning production specialist, providing comprehensive financial planning production services to advisors and firms on behalf of individuals, families and  businesses.  The business is currently operated as a sole proprietorship.  The business address is 6688 Joliet Road, Suite 158, Indian Head Park, IL  60525.

Comprehensive financial planning includes:

1.            Collecting Client Personal Financial Information
2.            Determining Client short-term and long-term financial goals
3.            Developing a current financial plan to determine client’s present financial condition and likelihood of achieving desired goals.
4.            Designing strategies that may help the client save money in fees and taxes.
5.            Providing a written Comprehensive Financial Plan including current and proposed financial plans.
6.            Assisting in implementation process.
7.            Periodic monitoring of client’s financial progress.

The Current and Comprehensive Financial Plans include some or all of the following sections depending on client needs:

1.            Financial Position
2.            Income Tax
3.            Protection Strategies
4.            Investment Planning
5.       Education Planning
6.            Retirement Planning
7.            Business Planning
8.            Estate Planning

The following studies may also be included in the client’s plan depending on the needs of the client.  Such studies may include:

1.            Surplus Cash Funds accounting
2.            Emergency Cash Accumulation
3.            Retirement Accumulation and Distribution Studies
4.            Education Planning Studies
5.            Investment Proforma Studies
6.            Estate Planning Projections.


Comprehensive Financial Planning pricing is done objectively by using a pricing grid that defines the complexity of the client’s situation and assesses an appropriate fee.  There are two pricing grids.  The Basic Pricing Matrix is appropriate for client’s whose net worth falls below $1 million while the General Pricing Matrix is for client’s with wealth in excess of $1 million.   The Basic Pricing Matrix is available upon request.

Tactical planning services (for individual modules such as investment analysis, estate planning, retirement planning, etc,) are also available at a negotiated fee. 

In general, hourly rates for professinal consulting services are as follows:

Hourly Rates

Normal Rate                                                  $150.00/hr (0.5 hour minimum)


Ethics is the cornerstone of our Guardian Angel Protection philosophy.  While most firms use financial planning purely as a sales tool, we do not sell products and strive to provide you with unbiased advice. 

Gary Lewis nor the Asset Design Center have ever been involved in any unethical or questionable practice.  No client or company complaints have ever been made against Gary Lewis or the Asset Design Center.  Gary Lewis and the Asset Design Center have never been involved in any fraudulent transaction of any type, with any firm.  There are no derogatory marks on Form U-4 or on Form ADV for Gary Lewis and the Asset Design Center.


Gary Lewis is the sole owner of the Asset Design Center.  The purpose of the Asset Design Center is to provide financial planning case production and process administrative reports.  The Asset Design Center is not registered as an adviser or adviser representative and is solely involved in plan production services.

Gary Lewis does not receive compensation in the form of commissions, rebates or other fees. 

Gary Lewis is free of Conflicts of Interest.


Gary Lewis is a 1988 graduate of Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.  He holds an MBA in Finance.  Gary also holds the CFP®, ChFC® and CASL® designations.  He also received a BA in Anthropology from the University of Illinois at Chicago.

Gary has worked as Financial Planning Director at HBK Sorce, Erie, Pennsylvania and Wealth Strategies Group, (MetLife, California).  He served as senior case consultant for MetLife Headquarters providing financial planning services to MetLife’s nation-wide network of financial planners.  He was Associate Wealth Design Director at the Wealth Design Center in Indianapolis, served as Vice President of Futures and Options for a major Mexico City bank and served six years as Futures Trading Specialist with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission in Chicago.  His resume can be found at http://garyalanlewis.blogspot.com/p/experience.html